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Maria Fox

Your Garden Coach  & Consultant

Inspiring and Guiding Homeowners How & What to Plant and Grow in Their Own Gardens

 Thanks For stopping by!! If you are tired of being frustrated with not knowing what or how to grow and maintain, both an ornamental and an ​edible garden, then you have landed on the right place.

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How Can I as a Garden Coach Help You?

My Services

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Choosing Plants

  • Let me help you to choose plants that you will love and be able to maintain easy, while making sure they are resilient for not-so-ideal climate conditions.

  • Whether you are a new homeowner or want to replace plants, I can assist you with Water-Wise and drought tolerant plants.

  • Recommend plants for year-around interest - especially for Winter.

  • Pick out plants on site with you at your local nurseries.

  • Work with your landscaper to choose plants according to your liking and needs.

Edible Garden

  • Always dreamed of growing your own vegetables, but not sure where to begin? 

  • Want to learn more about herbs and edible flowers?

  • Learn about maximizing your space by succession planting.

  • Easy vegetable gardening ideas for children.

Teach & Guide

  • Instruct in maintenance of your existing plants, such as but not limited to, when and how to deadhead and prune. 

  • Give you feedback on a project you have been considering and give you suggestions on plants and design.

  • Offer you suggestions on how to convert an unused space to potential garden area with either edible or ornamental plants.

  • Teach you about sustainable practices in your garden.

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Proud to be an official partner with Utah's own Localscapes, who teach and promote water-wise landscape deign and practices


My Journey 


   I started gardening long before moving to Utah two decades ago (from Sweden). Little did I know about some of the challenges I would be faced with in my own garden.

About a decade ago, I started and ran a small landscaping company for few years.

I saw and experienced some of the major challenges that many homeowners were faced with in their landscaping. The number one problem was plant choice.

They either had to replace plants that were struggling due to climate related issues or the wrong plant that was planted in the wrong place. 

Meanwhile I enrolled in some horticulture classes, got certified as a Master Gardener and started volunteering in community gardens to have a better understanding of plants in harsh conditions.

As I continue my personal journey of education and training, I have discovered a passion within sustainable gardening practices. Climate changes are making gardeners all over the world like me, make needed adjustments.

   In gardening I firmly believe that the best way of learning is in fact, by doing!

   So I am here to help, inspire and guide you. So that you as a homeowner can feel empowered to take on your own garden and create your personal haven.

   Whether you are a beginner gardener, just moved in to a home with an "inherited garden" or a newcomer to the Rocky Mountains, I can help you to choose plants that will thrive. 

   Contact me today to set up an on-site meeting in your own garden and let me help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, by planting plants that can handle drought and other extreme conditions.

And to make sure you plant the right plant in the right place.

No job is too small - I charge by the hour

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Happy Gardeners

At Time2Grow, I know what exceptional customer services means, and I strive to go the extra mile to make sure my clients reach their goals. Since 2021 I’ve helped my clients with their garden questions and together we have come up with personalized plan(s) for their own green spaces. I get so excited ever time I see a client feel more comfortable and better equipped to tackle their individual "oasis". 
See what my satisfied customers are saying and get in touch with me today.

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Maria is awesome to work with! She took the time to understand not only what we wanted to improve in our yard but also the amount of time we wanted to spend in maintaining our yard and what our budget was for the improvements. So important! She then made suggestions that took into account all of these considerations. She is so knowledgeable about what kinds of plants work in our climate and where they will do best. We have gotten so many compliments on how nice our yard looks since we had her come and help us! I highly recommend her!

Melissa Platt

Finally, don't forget, I am here to make gardening less stressful for you, so that you have more time to do what you love (unless of course it is gardening). Let me help you find confidence in your own garden and dare to create your dream green space.

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